Samsung Buds, AirPods Competitors Are Coming

Samsung Buds

Samsung is about to launch Samsung Buds, the AirPods’ competitors. To tell us is the same Samsung with its official app dedicated to wearables that reveals, by mistake or not, the new devices coming from the company. In addition to a smartwatch and a smartband, this is a new pair of true wireless headsets.

The application shows, however, the images of these new devices, thus providing a complete visual picture. These are wearables that were already leaked in recent days, but of which there was still the official. Samsung has not announced them directly, but the inclusion in the official app makes them practically “done”.

Samsung Buds
Image : Android Central

The most interesting product, even if not completely unexpected, are the earphones. Called Buds, apparently they are similar accessories to several others on the market today that were born to compete with AirPods. The future accessory Samsung, however, seems to have a certain innovative charge; for example, among the functions provided there would be the possibility of wireless charging through the new Samsung Galaxy S10 using the box in which they are contained.

The Samsung app reveals new earphones and smartwatches coming soon

The Samsung Buds have spoken on several occasions in recent days because in addition to some technical details, the rumors have revealed that could be included for free with the new smartphone, as was learned from some marketing documents in Russia. It is not clear, however, whether the Buds will be free anywhere or only for specific markets. They will arrive on the market while Apple still does not seem to have decided to present its AirPods 2, but only a case for wireless charging.

Samsung Buds
Iimage: Android Central

It is SamCentral who first noticed the updates, even if the same editor does not understand if it was an error by Samsung, or an anticipation. . However, as seen in the published screenshot, there is a Galaxy Watch Active 40 mm, with a very minimal dial and the Galaxy Fit and Fit, a similar smartband, but not too much to the previous Galaxy Gear Fit.

Recall that Samsung February 20 will hold its unpacked event where the Galaxy S10 will be unveiled: almost certainly, during the same event, there will also be space for new wearables.