A patent may have revealed visual of the new Motorola Razr


A patent may have revealed visual of the new Motorola Razr

A few days after its existence revealed by the international press, the new version of the iconic  Motorola Razr may also have had its visual revealed.

According to the design, patented on December 17, 2018, and discovered by the site  91Mobiles  (via  The Verge ), the model should re-design with a design similar to its original version. Inside, a folding screen, and on the outside, a smaller screen. Closed, the device resembles Razr even more.

Although the design refers to Razr, there is no mention of this name in the patent filed by  Motorola Mobility.

WIPO Global / Reproduction

The new Razr is expected to hit the market at a very salty price of $ 1,500 – or about $ 5,000 in direct conversion. Tests with the smartphone were already being carried out and the expectation is that it arrives already in February.

Earlier this year, a patent registry already pointed out that Lenovo had plans to revive the Razr brand with a foldable display device.

Lenovo is expected to manufacture about 200,000 units of the new Razr, suggesting that it will be a niche product. Launched in 2004,  Razr V3  sold more than 130 million units around the world.