Gmail for Android has changed. Here’s the new design for this app from Google

The Gmail app for mobile devices Android has just received a major update with various new features at the level of all appearance and look. The same is already being distributed to users and brings us the  Material  Design  2.0, already present in the Web version of this popular service of North American Google.

The update started today to be distributed through the Google Play Store. It will radically change the design of the Gmail app on your Android device.


This is the latest application for Android mobile devices to receive a major update of their entire design or look. So with the arrival of  Material Design  2.0, we have a perfect match between the lines of this web service accessible through your computer as well as your look in the app. The respective app for devices running the Android operating system.

Gmail has changed. Material Design 2.0 has arrived!

The US company Google thus fulfills its goal to standardize the Android app by bringing the new design that it had submitted in July 2018. It was there, in the peak of summer that we get to know the lines of this new design philosophy. A new look that, from then on, would gradually be applied to various Google services and apps.


As noted by the 9to5Google publication, the update began today reaching users of Android devices. Through the Play Store, the new version 9.1.13 brings several changes and more customization to your application. Firstly, by introducing the three viewing modes we already have in the Web version.

Update this app (app) from Google already

If you want to enjoy this new look or design for the Gmail app on your Android, all you have to do is update the application. So you can choose between three new ways to view and organize your email or email .

First, we have the default view. Here you will be presented with a mixture of graphic elements that will accompany the text and header of the email. However, this can be confusing for someone who has, for example, a large volume of incoming mail every day.


Thus, we have the “Comfortable” view as a second option. This highlights the image of the contact or sender of the email, without saturating the view with too many images or logos. It turns out to be one of the more balanced views that now come to this Google app.

Finally, we have the “Compact” view that removes virtually all visual elements. Anything that might cause you some distraction, being indicated to those who have a large volume of mail arriving every day.

Customize the look of Gmail on your Android

This option, from selecting the app view, will be displayed when you update the app on your Android device. However, you can change the view at any time. To do this, within the Gmail app go to the side menu. Then choose “General Settings”. There you will find the “Density of the conversation list” menu. From there you can choose any of these three modes.


The new design makes it easy to understand the contents, even on the screen of mobile devices. To do this, Google uses color in moderation, which undoubtedly contributed to a more comfortable use of this service. In addition to giving the user more customization options.

Depending on the type of user and use, the new  Material Design 2.0 may make it easier to use the app. The casual use of color can highlight, for example, the active conversations in our mailbox. Already have the new design in your application? What do you think of the news?

Finally, you can access the latest version of the application, below.