Mike Ybarra of Xbox criticizes journalists in his defense of Anthem


Anthem will be in two days for all platforms, but EA Premier Access members on PC and EA Origin Access on Xbox One already have access to the new Bioware game.

One of the people who is already playing Electronic Arts Anthem is Mike Ybarra, vice president of Xbox, who shared being fed up and “surprised by the cry” around the game.

Through Twitter, Ybarra left a message where he criticizes journalists who do not even know how to play the game and with the laments that have arisen around Anthem.

“Actually, this was very easy to do,” Ybarra responded to a PCGamer article in which the site says that the worst section of Anthem has already been upgraded.

“A critic, not the one below, analyzed the game and yet, in the analysis, he says that he did not even know how to make a combo, it is embarrassing to analyze something with such a lack of knowledge.”

Later, Ybarra was asked by a follower if he did not want to do an analysis, but the vice president of Xbox says he prefers other ways and not everyone likes the same thing.

“I do not do ‘analysis’ because people like different things,” Ybarra replied.

“I suggest ‘modern analysis’ that should be watching streamers play a game, play the demo, listen to what your friends think – and if it’s something you seem to like then fix it.”

Anthem will hit stores on February 22nd.