Rumor: Microsoft Will Continue To Work With Nintendo

Microsoft and Nintendo

Recent rumors about Scalebound being resurrected as an exclusive

Nintendo Switch has given much to speak,

But a new voice has decided to talk about the subject and has generated new speculation. Liam Robertson, also known as Game History Guy. Who often reveals information about canceled projects or games. That never got announced, shared some information. Related to this rumor and talked about the possibility of Microsoft launching more games on the Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft and Nintendo is very good

Robertson says that the relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo is very good. But the two companies are not preparing the arrival of Scalebound to the hybrid. The objective is another. After Minecraft, Microsoft and Nintendo announced Hellblade for the Nintendo Switch. But this is just the beginning of a collaboration that will result in more Microsoft games coming to Switch.

According to him, Microsoft and Nintendo have talked about the position of the first. As a third-party and suggests that both are preparing exciting things.

Robertson suggests that Microsoft will continue to launch games on the Nintendo Switch. And that Hellblade is just his second effort and not an isolated case. That would already be in development when he bought Ninja Theory.