Epic Games Removes Youtube’s Fortnite Advertising Due To The Sexual Exploitation Of Children


Google and Youtube are back under fire.

After the platform’s algorithm unfairly erases a GO Pokémon account with harmless content, it has been discovered that there are several videos involving minors that inadvertently place children in sexually suggestive or provocative positions for sexual predators.

The situation was exposed by YouTuber MattsWhatItIs. The video shows that sexual predators attend gymnastics and yoga videos involving minors, shared in the comments section the minutes and seconds when children are inadvertently exposed. An even bigger problem is that these videos are being monetized.

One of the first brands to respond to the scandal, which is allowing a child sexual exploitation network to install on Youtube, is Epic Games, which has already confirmed to The Verge that it will remove all pre-roll advertising. before the videos) of the platform.

“We put a break in all the pre-roll advertising,” said a representative of Epic Games. “Through our advertising agency, we contact Google / Youtube to determine the actions they will take to eliminate this type of content from your service.”

Brands like McDonald’s have also turned off pre-roll advertising on Youtube because of the scandal. In response, Google defended itself by saying that “we took immediate action by erasing the accounts and channels, reporting the illegal activity to the authorities and disabling comments in violation.”

The company also said it will continue to work to catch abuses more quickly.