Guild Wars 2 Developer Plans Mass Layoffs

guild wars 2

Once again, the gaming industry is likely to be affected by massive layoffs – this time from ArenaNet, the studio responsible for online games Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.

According to a source told Kotaku, the company notified officials on Thursday (21) about the plans of mass layoffs. The exact number of employees to be cut has not been revealed.

” Our live game revenues are declining as our franchises age, PC and mobile device development delays further drain our revenue projects, while our operating costs in the West have increased, ” wrote Songyee Yoon, CEO of NCSoft West, owner of ArenaNet, in an email to company employees. ” Our situation is not sustainable and will not prepare us for a successful future .”

The cuts should target many areas of the organization, including a merger between ArenaNet and NCSoft divisions.

ArenaNet currently has approximately 400 employees. The company works on projects not yet announced, but the lack of launches between 2018 and 2019 has put the studio in a difficult financial situation.

Path of Fire, the latest expansion of Guild Wars 2, was released in September 2017.