Red Dead Online Will Be Updated With New Modes And Weapons


Rockstar makes great news.

Rockstar Games announced that the first major update of Red Dead Online will arrive on February 26th.

As revealed by the company, this update will implement new Freem Roam events, Showdown modes, races, weapons, clothes and emotes.

This update will further introduce improvements and adjustments in the balance of experience – from weapons to mechanics.

In the Free Roam event called “Fool’s Gold”, a player can wear gold armor and increase his odds to shoot down enemies, but he also becomes a valuable target – slaughter enemies while using armor and gets more points.

Up in Smoke, Spoils of War and Plunder are the new Showdown modes where you’ll have to compete to capture or deliver bags and steal loot from enemies. However, Rockstar has not specified what you will do specifically in each mode.

For those who like to dress in new clothes, Rockstar Games also has news on its way in this update.

Before the update arrives, Red Dead Online will allow gaining 20% more XP to all the players that play it.