The Division 2 Highlights Endgame In a New Video


As far as live games are concerned, endgame has become one of the most sensitive issues and one of Massive’s biggest foci for the sequel to it’s popular The Division.

In a new video, the team tries to demonstrate to you the main arguments that will be waiting for you when you finish the main campaign in Washington.

Massive says that The Division 2 will have an “endgame of the best there is” and this is the result of a mindset that involved all development – endgame was the main focus.

The endgame of The Division 2 will have unique, fresh and diverse activities that try to keep you enthusiastic about the new game.

Over time, you’ll have access to additional free content like story quests, map expansions, and new game modes.

That’s precisely what Massive brings to you in this new trailer.

The Division 2 will arrive on March 15th.