Shenmue 3 Receives Images With Wuying Ren

Shenmue 3

YS Net introduced two more Shenmue 3 images.

While waiting for the game presentation at the Monaco Anime Game International Conference, which will take place on March 9, two pictures were presented to satiate your will for more.

One of the pictures shows Wuying Rend on his back facing an inspiring backdrop.

The colors of the sky and the effect of the sunset create an image full of magic that will surely win over who is a fan of Shenmue.

The other image shows what appears to be the interior of a ship, but the most surprising is the detail that this image presents.

Throughout the videos and images, the visual quality of Shenmue 3 has not been consistent, but these two images show a quality worthy of praise.

Shenmue 3 will arrive on August 24th.

Shenmue 3


Shenmue 3