Youtuber On EA’s Blacklist After Criticizing Anthem


Youtuber On EA’s Blacklist After Criticizing Anthem

Electronic Arts did not like what a Youtuber had to say about Anthem and decided to remove it from their “EA Gamechangers” show.

Mike Ybarra of the Xbox criticized the tearful journalists and advise to see streamers

Anthem again gives that speak for reasons. Which are not properly related to the work done by Bioware? Anthem arrived in stores today and is again being talked about due to something. EA decided that the Gggmanlives video did not deserve their support and was considered too negative for the game.

This forced Youtuber to remove the original video, and then presented a slightly edited version. The new version, down below begins with a short notice where Gggmanlives explains that he banned from the Electronic Arts. And supported Youtubers list and had to redo his video.

Gggmanlives explained that he had to delete the video at EA’s request to remove the company logo and no longer belongs to the company’s well-behaved list. Anthem is available on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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