Anthem Sold About 40,000 Units In The UK


Gfk has not yet submitted data related to video game sales in the UK for Anthem’s launch week, but some initial details have already been revealed.

Anthem is the latest looter shooter to hit the market and is embedded in an incredibly popular genre that has allowed games like The Division 1 to sell more than 277,000 units at the launch in the UK.

However, Anthem was not entitled to the same enthusiastic reception and went far beyond the results of the references in the genre.

According to analyst Daniel Ahmad, via ResetEra, Anthem sold about 40,000 units in its debut in the United Kingdom.

Ahmad reports that Anthem sold 10% of what Destiny 1 sold on its debut – an impressive 417,000 units, which puts the Bioware game with an estimated close to 40,000 units.

The unofficial estimates also indicate that Destiny 2 achieved 175,000 units in its debut in the United Kingdom, is another example of how Anthem was very distant of other looter shooters.

EA recently revealed that 47% of its units sold are digital versions, something that may help increase the number of units sold, but still, this is a much lower result than BioWare’s previous effort – Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Soon we will have the official data of Gfk, but the first information is not very encouraging for the new game of Bioware.



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