Xbox Executive Enigmatically Responds To Recent Switch Rumors


In recent days there have been several rumors and reports about the relationship that was forming between Nintendo and Microsoft. Since Microsoft wanted to bring Game Pass and xCloud to the Switch, even some of its biggest titles coming to the Nintendo platform, such as Ori and the Blind Forest and Cuphead, there have been a number of reports about some unbelievable things.

While we clearly do not expect Microsoft or Nintendo to confirm or deny these reports until the time of an official announcement (if there is an official announcement), Xbox Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra recently joked on Twitter with some cryptic answers about the subject. In a tweet, Ybarra simply tweeted an image of the dictionary definition of the word “rumor,” before posting another tweet in which he said, “It’s a rumor I only play PC games!”

This is neither a confirmation nor a denial – as expected, of course – but it still left the fans crazy.