Biomutant – Scheduled Release In July?


Biomutant – Scheduled Release In July?

As with ‘ The Outer Worlds ‘ at the weekend, a potential release date for ‘Biomutant’ from THQ Nordic has now appeared in the Steam database.

So far, the game is roughly scheduled for the summer of 2019, but if you now believe in a useful Steam database entry, Biomutant will be released on July 1, 2019. Of course, this date is not yet confirmed, which has been deleted on Steam again. So this is just a vague reference to it.

Biomutant is a mythical, post-apocalyptic Kung Fu RPG in an open world with a unique Martial Arts combat system that allows you to combine melee, shooting and mutation actions. Biomutant was introduced in 2017 and is currently being implemented by the in-house development studio Experiment 101.

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