Fortnite Season 8: When Is Start And What Awaits Us?


Fortnite Season 8: When Is Start And What Awaits Us?

In Fortnite the 8th season starts soon. We’ll show you what’s known so far about changes, the season theme, the start, and other peculiarities.

This is the big event before the start of the season: For a few days now, the ground in Fortnite has been trembling again and again. This creates cracks on the map. Apparently, this leads to a bigger event that will change Fortnite’s map.

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When does Season 8 start? The new Season 8 launches in Fortnite on Thursday, February 28th. An exact time is not yet known. But in the last few years, at the start of the season, a big patch came around 10:00. The servers should be online between 11 am and 1 pm on Thursday with the new update and the new season.

The 7th season in Fortnite lasts two weeks longer than the normal “10 weeks”, so Epic extended the tasks by 2 weeks.

What’s the topic of Season 8 in Fortnite? The first teasers for S8 show that the players expected in the next few weeks probably a pirate theme. The first teaser image showed a typical pirate hook. In addition, a text that alludes to lost treasures.

The second teaser plays on snakes. In addition, dangers that come with the waves.

There is a free Battle-Pass for Season 8: Especially for the new season is that you can buy the Battle-Pass for free through tasks in the game. This is very easy now before the start of Season 8. But you only have time until the start of S8.

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Which map changes could there be? About the new map of the Season 8, there is only speculation.

With the higher temperatures, we’ll probably say goodbye to the snow soon. In the snowy winter biome of Polar Peak so much water will be created, which may spill over the map as waves.

Add to that the earthquakes that are haunting Fortnite. Players speculate on underwater areas that arise where the map breaks apart by the earthquakes. Maybe new places for swimming.

What kind of skins does Season 8 offer? They have not been presented yet. However, one starts with cosmetic items in relation to water. Maybe they are strange fish-figures, pirates or even divers.

Will the gameplay change in Season 8? It is clear that the planes disappear at the start of Season 8. The first land then in Vault and are locked away for an indefinite period.

It is therefore assumed that new vehicles will be installed in the game, which fit the seasonal theme. If this is a water issue, Epic Games would have the option to install cool watercraft such as speed boats or jet skis.

In addition, one is currently working on a respawn system. This should then be in the course of Season 8 more info.

Do the eggs matter? A small note from an Epic Games employee suggests something is happening with the eggs players found in Fortnite weeks ago. Maybe snakes will hatch from it.

This year, a World Cup starts in Fortnite, but sees a professional with reservations. 

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