Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet Dismisses A Quarter Of All Employees, Over 100 People

Guild War 2

Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet Dismisses A Quarter Of All Employees, Over 100 People

The Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet saw yesterday’s layoffs already announced. More than 100 employees lost their jobs. Among them are also long-term developers and well-known community managers.

That’s where the layoffs were: Korean publisher NCSoft announced last week that the number of ArenaNet employees should be cut.

The reason for this is the decline in revenues, rising costs in the West and delays in new projects.

ArenaNet President Mike O’Brien had a difficult task yesterday to carry out these layoffs. According to an insider, O’Brien was heartbroken and paced restlessly during the meeting.

What impact do layoffs have on GW2? As a direct response to the layoffs, the studio decided to close yesterday and today.

Therefore, there is a delay in the announced patch. This should bring a new mount and balance changes.

In the long term, but according to a forum post by ArenaNet nothing to the planned updates and content for Guild Wars 2 change.

Long-time employees are affected

The wave of dismissals at ArenaNet also hit some familiar faces in the community. So Gaile Gray, Josh Foreman, and Matthew Medina had to go. In March 2000, former Blizzard employees Mike O’Brien, Patrick Wyatt, and Jeff Strain founded ArenaNet.

This is Gaile Gray, a veteran of ArenaNet: In November 2000, they hired Gaile Gray for communications and community management. She was after O’Brien the longest active employee of the company.

Most recently, Gray took care of the direct exchange with the players in the forum and organized a regular Livestream with the community showcase.

This is Josh Foreman, the developer of the Super Adventure BBox: Josh Foreman is familiar to most Guild Wars 2 players because he programmed the first version of Super Adventure Box as a recreational project alongside work.

He was also responsible for much special content such as the Clock Tower of the Mad King or other jump puzzles.

Foreman joined ArenaNet in October 2003, two years before the release of the first Guild Wars installment.

This is Matthew Medina, Story Lead of Path of Fire: Matthew Medina recently celebrated his sixteenth birthday at ArenaNet. Since February 2003 he is part of the team.

Most recently he was in charge of the history of the expansion Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire.

Other Affected Employees: A Reddit thread is currently collecting all employees affected by the terminations:

  • Drew Cady (since July 2008 at ArenaNet)
  • Tyler Bearce (since 2010 ArenaNet)
  • Evan Teicheira (since February 2011 at ArenaNet)
  • Elan Stimmel (since November 2011 at ArenaNet)
  • Zach Lute (since May 2013 at ArenaNet)
  • Pauk Ella (since April 2014 at ArenaNet)
  • McKenna Berdrow (since September 2014 at ArenaNet)
  • Shuai Liu (since October 2014 at ArenaNet)
  • Cameron Rich (since March 2015 at ArenaNet)
  • Grant Gertz (since August 2015 at ArenaNet)
  • Benjamin Arnold (since October 2015 at ArenaNet)
  • Casey Benson (since January 2016 at ArenaNet)
  • Constance Griffith (since February 2016 at ArenaNet)
  • Kelsey Pickinpaugh (since May 2016 at ArenaNet)
  • Aaron Linde (since June 2016 at ArenaNet)
  • Lily Yu (since March 2018 at ArenaNet)

Community shows love and compassion

Using the hashtag # Love4ArenaNet, Guild Wars 2 social media players share their memories and compassion with the developers.

LoveForArenaNet in the Wiki: The Guild Wars 2 Wikis staff also set up a page where players can share words of love with the dismissed developers.

Already now you will find about 100 entries of players, but also partners and former developers of ArenaNet.

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