Pokémon Go: How To Get Color Eagle – How To Catch

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go: How To Get Color Eagle – How To Catch

In Pokémon GO you can now get Color Eagle! We’ll show you how to meet the Pokémon and catch it.

Coaches had to wait a long time: Farbeagle is a second-generation Pokémon. For a long time it was missing in the PokéDex of the players, but now you can finally catch it. Last was only on the loading screen to see why one could assume that it will come soon.

Color Eagle is especially catching: this monster is not easy to catch in the wild. For this, you need the new feature “GO Snapshot”, which is available for a short time.

We’ll show you how to get the new Pokémon and tell you what we know about Color Eagle so far.

So you can catch coloreagle

That’s the basis: Any player who wants to catch Color Eagle must be at least level 5. From then on, the GO snapshot feature is available. You need this for the catch.

This is how you have to go: In order to meet Coloreagle, you have to take lots of pictures:

  1. Open your Pokémon collection
  2. Choose any Pokémon
  3. Click on the camera in the upper right corner of the screen and start the AR mode
  4. Shoot photos!
  5. Snaps pictures until Farbeagle jumps into the picture (Looks closely, you only recognize it on the finished picture and not in the camera screen)
  6. Once Farbeagle has jumped into the picture, you can close the camera
  7. Color Eagle then pops up next to your character on the map and you can catch it like a normal wilderness Pokémon
  8. Try to catch it, because Color Eagle can flee like any other Pokémon
After it appears in the picture, spawn next to you.

Color Eagle does not appear on me, what now? Numerous players report that Farbeagle simply does not jump into their pictures. Persistence pays off though. Keep taking pictures.

How often do I get the chance on Color Eagle? So far coaches report that they only got one color ape per day. As soon as it’s past midnight, you’ll probably have the chance for the next color-ape. We will update this item if confirmed.

My camera is not working, what now? Often, the photo feature just does not work because you have denied the game rights to the camera. Then you have to allow in the settings of your mobile phone that Pokémon GO may access your camera.

This is known about the attack of Color Eagle: Much has been discussed about the attack copycat that dominates Color Eagle. It simply copies the attack of the monster you photographed.

So, if Color Eagle jumps into the screen while you’re photographing your Despotar, then it will master the same attacks as Despotar. So you should choose wisely which Pokémon you are photographing so that Coloreagle does not get bad attacks.

It can not learn that: There are some exceptions to learning the attack. So it can not learn attacks like a catapult, transducer or brine.

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