The Division 2 – Details & Trailer For The Open Beta


The Division 2 – Details & Trailer For The Open Beta

Shortly start the open beta for ‘The Division 2’, has published more details and a trailer for the Ubisoft today. The Open Beta will be the last opportunity to play the MMO shooter before the release.

In the Open Beta, you have the opportunity to experience three missions, either alone or in KoOp mode, including a mission that was not yet in the closed beta. There are also various open-world activities such as a few side missions, control points, as well as PvP content such as the Dark Zone East and 4vs4 Skirmish. Finally, you will also endgame content, including three Specializations and an Invaded Mission.

Building on more than two years of experience and feedback from the divisional community, The Division 2 will later also offer an extensive campaign that organizes a stable endgame to create a coherent story and meaningful experience for all types of players.

The Open Beta will start on the 1st of March 2019.4