These Bonuses You Receive In The Division 2 When You Play The Open Beta


These Bonuses You Receive In The Division 2 When You Play The Open Beta

Those who play the open beta of The Division 2 will receive some rewards for the main game. You have to meet these criteria for the premiums.

Open beta participation pays off: From 1st March to 4th March, anyone interested in PS4, Xbox One and PC can get a taste of The Division 2’s open beta. Even those who already participated in the private beta may again look into the test phase because it’s worth it:

  • There are some new features in comparison to the private beta, such as an additional main mission, the Chem.-Launcher as a new skill, many bug fixes and improvements based on community feedback
  • You can make the servers sweat and show the developers if the server capacity is enough for launch
  • And you get four beta bonuses to unlock for the main game The Division 2.

So you come to the open beta rewards

The premiums can be seen on this infographic:

DC Patriot Weapon Skin: This weapon skin has already been unlocked with a Private Beta Attack. In the open beta, you have another chance to receive it. You just have to log in to the beta.

Capitol Hill Arm Patch: This is a neat arm patch showing the Capitol. This one was already in the private beta. You receive it by mastering the Invaded mission. You must first complete the main mission “Jefferson Trade Center” in beta to gain access to three levels of 30 characters. Log out, choose one of these characters and an invaded mission will start directly. In contrast to the private beta, these invaded missions are already available for the launch of the open beta – they will not be activated until later. 

In an Invaded mission, the Black Tusk faction awaits you with new, heavily armed enemies. The AI is smarter and you become the specializations of the Level 30 agents need to accomplish the mission.

Supply Crate Backpack Trophy: This is a backpack trailer you’ll receive by completing the introductory mission for the Dark Zone in the East. After completing the Jefferson Trade Center mission, you will receive the mission of Senait Ezera, an NPC at the White House operations base.

Capitol Hill Backpack Trophy: Another backpack trailer that’s easy to get hold of. Log in to the open beta and it should be unlocked.

All these premiums are cosmetic. They do not give you any gameplay benefits in Division 2, but they decorate your agent.

That’s what community members say about the rewards

On Reddit, several users write that they will probably log in for these bonuses in the beta. One says that he did not intend to do that. But now he has a reason to take a look.

Another user says that these bonuses are nice gimmicks to help Massive with the server test. He himself loves cosmetics that are easy to get on, so he will participate in the beta.

In addition, several agents wonder if these bonuses are really unlocked. Because the two premiums from the private beta are still displayed in the Ubi Club as “not unlocked”. But they should be available for the launch of The Division 2.

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