Trüberbrook – Elaborate And Handmade Venues


Trüberbrook – Elaborate And Handmade Venues

Today HeadUp Games has new information about the adventure ‘Trüberbrook’ and dedicates itself to the lavishly designed locations, which in this case are not only created digitally but in elaborate manual work.

All models were digitized using photogrammetry and converted to real-time rendering. Each scene was also lavishly set in scene with real light; so you could adjust on the set different lighting moods and times of the day. Even a change of seasons was possible by sprinkling sets with tiny snowflakes.

The models were then re-photographed in each variation and projected back onto the digital model. Through various compositing workflows, the figures with digital lighting and real-time shadows were then integrated into the model. All levels were rounded off by the use of different effects, partly recorded on the set and partly digital: light reflections, depth of field and particle effects.

This is one of the most outstanding features in Trüberbrook, an extraordinary visual style where all the scenes are completely handmade – and “handmade” actually means “built with real hands, real fingers and lots of glue.

Trüberbrook will be released for PS4 and Xbox One on April 18, 2019.

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