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Color Eagle Gets You Back To Using The Photo Feature

Pokemon GO

Color Eagle Gets You Back To Using The Photo Feature

At last, Coloreagle appears in Pokémon GO. However, the pocket monster is not so easy to find. Use GO snapshot to discover it.

Have you ever noticed that the position of Color Eagle in your Pokédex has been empty and there was no way to catch the little artist? In the run-up, there were some allusions by Niantic that Farbeagle will soon jump into your smartphone. Now the Pokemon can finally be officially captured, albeit indirectly.

How do I catch Color Eagle in Pokémon GO?

As is the case with artists, Farbeagle expects very special treatment. To sift through and eventually catch in a Pokéball, you’ll need to use the new GO snapshot feature. Pick a nice spot and shoot a photo with the AR camera. With a little luck, the new Pokémon will now appear in a corner of the picture and literally perform a photobomb. “Photobomb” is the name of a person’s action that spontaneously comes to the fore when taking a picture or stands in the background, attracting attention.

Now you just have to close the AR camera and Color Eagle will appear nearby so you can catch it. So far, no official information is given on how often you have to try it until the Pokémon appears and if it can be caught several times. Have you possibly already caught a coloreagle? Write to us in the comments on how the catching process looked like with you.

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