Dead By Daylight: First Teaser Promises A Religious Killer

Dead by Daylight

Dead By Daylight: First Teaser Promises A Religious Killer

A new teaser for Dead by Daylight has been released. Soon there will be a new killer and the first theories sound plausible.

Almost every three months, the asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight releases a new chapter and thus a new killer. A new teaser has now been posted on Twitter, which provides first clues.

A killer turned to the light: The teaser shows a picture and the words: “In a time of darkness, some are looking for a light to follow.”

The corresponding picture seems to show a religious-looking object, possibly a censer. There are also some golden reliefs that also suggest a spiritual environment.

What you already know about the killer: Some information about the killer is already known. So the developers have already revealed that the newest killer “the oldest killer so far” would be. Whether this really means the age of the character or just the age from which the killer comes, is not yet clear.

Also confirmed to be that the killer is a woman because in the developer stream one of the developers accidentally spoke of the killer as “she” – so woman. But that could also have been deliberate confusion.

These theories exist: The current most common theory seems to be that the killer is Aicha Kandicha, a character from Moroccan narratives. She is a demon who appears in the shape of a beautiful woman with animal legs, luring men into a trap and then killing or driving them crazy.

To this end, some players come to Reddit, who analyze the image more closely and try to draw parallels between the reality and the image shown.

Another theory is that the killer is the “nun” from the movie “The Nun” of 2018. That would be conceivable and would fit into the religious setting. In addition, there has not been a licensed killer for a while – something that Dead by Daylight wanted to bring on a regular basis.

One last theory is that the killer is a “moth man” – because what else would look for a light to follow? But this is more of a meme and should not be considered too seriously. But maybe Dead by Daylight will surprise you here.

Until the killer is completely revealed and then playable on the PTR, a few more days will surely pass.

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