Diablo Developer Gives Anthem Tips To Loot – Fans Say Listen To Him!


Diablo Developer Gives Anthem Tips To Loot – Fans Say Listen To Him!

A former developer and lead designer at Diablo 3 has a lot of fun with Anthem. Therefore, he now gives tips and advice to solve some of the problems. The reaction of the fans and Bioware itself is positive.

Who is it? The developer is named Travis Day and was one of the lead developers and designers at Diablo 3. He’s not working for Blizzard anymore.

Day has a lot of experience with loot and reward systems, levels of difficulty and the right balance of stats. His tips, which he has published in Subreddit by Anthem, are correspondingly extensive.

He advises the developers of Bioware

“Dead” inscriptions must go: The problem with the inscriptions, or equipment features, has been known for some time and is also thematized in the community.

According to Day, the problem would not be that some are suboptimal. Rather, the affixes are a problem that makes no sense at all and is completely useless.

Therefore, Travis suggests limiting the possible number of affixes to a particular selection that still fits the piece of equipment, depending on the item.

Strongholds need to be adjusted: Day also criticizes the three strongholds available in the final game.

Currently, their differences in duration and difficulty are too big, but the reward is always the same.

His suggestion: Either you adjust the level of difficulty or you increase the reward for the heavier strongholds like the heart of the wrath.

The danger of Fatigue: The above problem will inevitably lead to the player always going “the path of least resistance” and playing the shortest stronghold over and over again.

Sooner or later players lose the motivation to play Strongholds at all.

Players should be able to farm selectively: What is already possible in parts, Day wishes even better implemented.

Already now you can get skills in strongholds and components through legendary contracts. But these are only once a day, per faction, available.

Day proposes to expand that and also to introduce a method for arms farming. Ideally, there should be a reliable method for each type of equipment.

Difficulty levels need fine adjustment: For Day, the differences (especially in the grandmaster ranks ) are too big. As an example, he calls the leap from Grandmaster 1 to 2.

A good challenge is important, but the difference between “It’s easy” and “It’s tough, and not worth the time and energy” leads to players preferring to farm on the low difficulty levels. One solution would be the introduction of additional intermediates.

The day itself says it’s fun with Anthem and enjoys the game. Therefore, with this feedback and experience, he wants to help solve the problems.

He hopes “that his tips are helpful and can help make Anthem a stronger game over time”.

The response to his tips is pretty big. The community is reacting very positively to their post, which now has over 7000 upvotes.

Diligently deal with opponents to perform heroic deeds

Community and Bioware are happy about the suggestions

This is how the community reacts to Days tips: Day is no stranger to the industry and among Diablo fans. For many Diablo 3 players, he is one of the developers who kept the game alive.

The day is significantly responsible for many changes that have significantly improved Diablo 3 for many fans. Some of them are going in a similar direction, which he is proposing for Anthem. This includes:

  • rare items that could only have the main stat of the respective class played
  • Affixes were split into primary and secondary
  • an innovation that binds Legendary Items only to the account and not to the character

In addition, Day is responsible for the Loot 2.0 system, which has a good reputation among many in the community.

So many fans think Bioware should take these tips very seriously, like Tylorw09: “Wait, so this guy designed Loot 2.0 for Diablo 3? If so, I really hope Bioware looks at it. “

Others go even further and demand his attitude to revive Anthem.

Bioware also responds: Camden Hardy, Anthem’s Development Manager, also responded to Travis Day’s post:

Hey Travis, thanks for taking so much time to write this feedback. I really appreciate this unique insight. I have already forwarded it – only if others in the team have not seen it yet. I love your work, I’m a big fan.

Camden Hardy, Reddit.com

Thus, Day has probably achieved its goal and its feedback has penetrated to the development team.

What is implemented and how long it takes is currently unknown. Some of these problems have already been noted by Bioware and are often criticized by fans.

In this respect, the chances could be good that at least part of it will be tackled.

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