EA’s 3 biggest mistakes so far in FIFA 19 FUT

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EA’s 3 biggest mistakes so far in FIFA 19 FUT

The FIFA 19 Ultimate Team has more events featuring special cards and SBCs than ever before. These mistakes have crept in.

Since the release of FUT 19, new events and card releases have repeatedly brought errors into play. Some of them have made waves in the community.

We show you the 3 biggest mistakes of FUT 19 so far.

The Position Problem of Jadon Sancho

That’s what happened: The second player of the month of the Bundesliga was Jadon Sancho. For his achievements in real football, the Dortmund winger received the player of the month award and thus a POTM special card, which could be unlocked by an SBC.

The problem: EA released its special card for the wrong position. Instead of publishing a card for the right midfield (RM), she appeared for the LM position.

Many players were fast, finished the SBC and were amazed at the map. Finally, Sancho played in the Bundesliga only on the right side.

That’s what EA does: EA quickly noticed the error and the SBC was removed. After a few hours, the SBC reappeared, this time everything was correct, and Sancho could be unlocked for the right midfield.

Curious: FUT players who had completed the first, faulty SBC were allowed to keep their LM Sancho and automatically got the corrected RM card. Thus, some FUT players have the privilege to own Sancho-POTM twice. You can set it up versatile on both sides.

Yann Sommer is too strong

That’s what happened: In fact, Summer’s Headline Card (88) should be upgraded from +2 to a total rating of 90 due to winter upgrades. But EA made a mistake and improved the card by a generous 4 points, so Yann Sommer has now (with 92) the highest overall rating of all Bundesliga goalkeepers.

That’s what EA does: nothing! After the company noticed the mistake, they decided not to correct it. It is true that the error only affects the overall rating. The goalkeeper’s attributes are correct and correspond to a 90’s goalkeeper.

Curious: With summer you get a really cheap 92er card for almost 80,000 coins. These can be used very well for SBCs to push the rating of the required team.

The rewards were too good

That’s what happened: In November 2018 EA released the Prime Icon SBC 3, here you could choose one of these Prime Icons by completing a 4-part SBC:

  • Javier Zanetti 92
  • Ryan Giggs 92
  • Gheorghe Hagi 91
  • Christian Vieri 90
  • Gianfranco Zola 90
Prime Icon SBC 3

The problem: the requirements were much too low. The first two sub-SBCs were no problem, here only 11 bronze players and 11 silver players were required.

But also part 3 and 4 were surprisingly easy. For the 3rd part of the SBC, you only had to hand over a Gold team including 3 Team-of-the-week players, but the overall rating did not matter at all.

For the 4th part of the SBC, it was necessary to hand over any icon card.

The rewards were strong: Part 3 was a rare player pack (worth 50,000 coins).

At the conclusion of Part 4, you got a Jumbo Rare Player Pack (worth 100,000 coins).

That’s what the players did: Since the whole SBC was also repeatable, smart FUT players could simply swap the newly received Prime icon and finish the remaining 3 pieces of the SBC for about 50,000 coins.

This one received again the value packs and could be pleased in the end again over a Prime Icon card. This could be repeated as often as you like.

That’s what EA does. After the error was detected, EA removed the SBC the same day. Later the SBC was adapted again published. This time, the rewards were significantly reduced and the requirements raised. So there were now 5 sub-SBCs and the most valuable pack was a Prime Gold Player Pack (worth 45,000 coins).

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