Elite Dangerous: Player Stranded For Months In Space, Now He Is At Home

Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous: Player Stranded For Months In Space, Now He Is At Home

One player had been stranded in space for several months in the online space game Elite Dangerous. He drove since November 2018 through the void. Now he is finally back home.

In a costly rescue operation, the Fuel Rats brought home a space pilot who was lost in a record attempt far beyond any civilization in the vast expanses of space.

A unique rescue operation

Therefore, Commander Deluvian Reyes Cruz had to be rescued: After setting a new record in November 2018 and traveling the longest distance from the “Sol” solar system , Commander Deluvian Reyes Cruz flopped in space .

He wanted to break the record of 157.06 light years Commander Kenneth McGrew could set. But 16 light years before the previous record distance he ran out of fuel.

So the player was saved: he drove through space for 2 months before he could persuade himself to contact the Fuel Rats.

This is a group of players dedicated to saving stranded players. They had just saved another player, Commander Persera, and could not believe how far Deluvian was out in space.

The rescue operation was correspondingly difficult. Plans were forged and discarded until the Fuel Rats finally dispatched five Commander with 2,576 tons of fuel.

The tanks of the flying Commander served, again and again, to replenish the ships each other. It had to be considered that everyone had enough fuel left to be able to return home. Until at the end only Commander Highway Warrior was left.

When was Commander Deluvian rescued? On February 23, he reached after three days of flight time as the last of the Fuel Rats the Stranded.

The missing pilot was extremely happy to finally be fueled again and of course, thanked his rescuers.

The words, “I told you we would get you,” said more at that moment than cheers. Because these words show how strong the community of Elite Dangerous is and how much you hold together.

A strong community

Why is this something special? The action went down in the history of the space online game under the name “Beyond The Dark Edge”.

Commander Highwaywarrior of the Fuel Rats explains that this was an extraordinary mission that will probably remain unique. Commander Kenneth McGrew’s record of 157.06 light years is virtually impossible to break.

Maybe others will try again, but this action will be remembered forever by the Fuel Council of Elite Dangerous. Such unusual stories are what make space play so special.

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