Eso: Epic Trailer For DLC Wrathstone Heralds Season Of The Dragon

The Elder Scrolls

Eso: Epic Trailer For DLC Wrathstone Heralds Season Of The Dragon

A new DLC Wrathstone trailer for the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online has just been released. The trailer shows epic fights and promises a gripping story.

The new trailer for the DLC Wrathstone shows a part of the history of the extension. The DLC and the update are yesterday on 25.2. appeared for the PC.

The trailer shows against which different creatures you have to fight in the season of the dragon. This is the new narrative style of ESO, which will extend over 2019.

You do not see the dragon itself, but you can already hear it exhale loudly.

We show you the trailer and introduce you to the first reactions of the fans.

Watch the trailer for the new DLC here

On YouTube and Facebook, Bethesda uploaded the trailer for DLC Wrathstone. It should make the player hot again on the season of the dragon, which is now heralded:

  • PC players can already start in the extension.
  • The console players on PS4 and Xbox One still have to be patient. For them, it starts on 12 March.

What does the trailer show? You get a full view of the new DLC. So the story is teased to Wrathstone.

In addition, one sees above all one thing: a lot of action! So many battles against the most different creatures are waiting for you.

In the trailer you can also hear the loud exhaling of a big monster, it sounds like a dragon. This creature spends itself behind a big door.
This is how fans react: The trailer is mostly positive. Yoshi H. writes on Facebook: “The Dwemer boss is awesome! All the extra mechanics are fun and not too heavy ”

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