Funcom Makes 3 Dune Games – One Of Them Sounds Like A New MMO


Funcom Makes 3 Dune Games – One Of Them Sounds Like A New MMO

Funcom has entered into a new partnership that will spawn at least three new games. All of them should play in the sci-fi universe of DUNE. One of them even sounds like an MMO

This was announced: In a press release, Funcom announced the collaboration with Legendary Studios. The collaboration lasts six years. At least three games should be created for PC and console. That’s why it sounds like a new MMO is coming: one of the mentioned games should become an “Open World Multiplayer”.

For many fans, that sounds as if the MMO specialist Funcom would once again trust in a real MMO after the success of the survival game Conan Exiles 2017. This is supported by the fact that Funcom already announced or already developed several other games: Conan Unconquered will be a new strategy game in the Conan universe to come in Q2 2019.

A co-op shooter with “Heroic Signatures” IP is plannedMutant Year Zero: Road to Eden was launched as a turn-based tactical gameAnother Conan single player is to appear A title with “Funcom IP” from Rocket Pocket for Halloween 2019 was mentioned after Conan Exiles rescued the studio in 2018, things are obviously going uphill. Since all other previously known games are not MMOs, it is quite possible that the new DUNE “Open World Multiplayer” will become an MMO. When do the games appear?

An exact date is not mentioned yet. In the press release, however, it says that the Multiplayer “in 2019” should go into pre-production. The title is produced by Funcom Oslo. As a new edition of the film classic DUNE is planned for 2020, a date sounds plausible around the time of publication or shortly after the film. The Dune series is a six-part romance cycle that appeared between 1965 and 1985.

In addition to the two original trilogies

there are still numerous offshoots that play in the universe of Dune. That’s just Funcom. In addition to the announcement, Funcom has released a quarterly report for Q4 2018. According to him, 2018 was the most successful year ever for Funcom.

It had 46% more revenue than in 2017 and the profit was the highest, the Funcom ever achieved. The basis for a DUNE MMO looks so rock solid.

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