German Fortnite-Pro Kamo Brings Kill World Record On Pc With A Controller


German Fortnite-Pro Kamo Brings Kill World Record On Pc With A Controller

Recently, the German Fortnite professional and streamer Ghost Kamoden has set a kill-world record in solo vs. Squad mode set up. He played on the PC with a controller. Our reader Felix has written this guest post.

In a crazy round, Kamo did almost half of all players and scored 46 eliminations. He surpassed the previous record of Teeqzy.

So Ghost Kamo succeeded the record: Central to the world record run by Ghost Kamo was the new update 7.40. So he got 50 life or shield for each elimination and was able to play as if intoxicated by his opponents.

In addition, each eliminated opponent left a total of 150 materials, so Kamo had to spend almost no time in planting materials during his World Record round.

A closer look reveals two key factors that make such a world record run possible:

  • The fast editing of building structures
  • And the item Skid Redeploy

In the video you can see some scenes in which Ghost Kamo gets out quickly by building out of dangerous situations, only to surprise and eliminate the opponent with a solid in a wall the next moment.

The Gleiter-Redeploy item, on the other hand, allows Kamo to be built up in build fights. Alone against four other players you are shot down quickly and suffer fall damage. With this item, however, Kamo can safely slide to the ground in such situations.

The video for the kills is available here:

How did the world record attempt come about? Recently, some Youtubers and Streamers have been given the opportunity to conduct custom games without restrictions.

This option was previously very limited, which had caused some annoyance. This time, however, tournaments could be held with prize money. The Youtuber and Streamer Trymacs decided to hold a tournament for German professional players on 17 February.

As was the case some time ago, during one of the first official Fortnite tournaments, however, players already realized in the first round that server performance was not enough. The players suddenly died in the storm, without noticing, as you can see in the Void:

Trymacs then canceled the tournament and provided for the replacement of a solo vs squad tournament. To do so, those 32 players should qualify who made the best single rounds with the most elimination within the next day.

How many attempts did he need? In the comments on Reddit, some users wonder how many tries the player probably needed. User iBolts writes that he had to reset the lobby a few times because the tires were accidentally destroyed. He estimates that he needed between 8 and 12 attempts for this elegant litter.

11 million stunt points with the board: A curious video shows the user BrotherSaqib who is suddenly thrown with his board extremely high after a touch with another player in the air. He used the flight time to easily get 11 million stunt points.

How did you continue in the tournament? In the actual tournament, for which he only wanted to qualify with his world record, Kamo then flew out in the first round.

Won then another German controller player, DerNico, in the final against the Swiss controller player and duo partner of Kamo – Ghost Issa.

What does Ghost Kamo say about that? Incidentally, after receiving the recognition of his colleagues and fans on Twitter, Kamo gave himself quite modestly. In his opinion, the world record run was above all lucky, because the opponents had not eliminated each other.

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