Nacon Introduces Asymmetric Wireless Controller

Sony PS5

Nacon Introduces Asymmetric Wireless Controller

Nacon is expanding its PS4 Controller product line with the ‘Asymmetric Wireless Controller’, which was officially licensed by Sony as usual.

The new Nacon controller offers an asymmetrical layout through the staggered sticks and full ergonomics, giving gamers an alternative way to play on the PS4. The Asymmetric Wireless Controller is equipped with a rechargeable battery and USB receiver that uses a Bluetooth connection. It works uninterrupted even during local multiplayer sessions up to a distance of 7 meters from the console. In addition, audio and chat functions via headset connection are possible.

In addition to the basic features of a PS4 controller, including a fully functional touchpad and all gaming control options, the Asymmetric Wireless Controller also features a battery charging indicator. A button on the back of the controller allows players to quickly check the rest of the power without having to pause the game.

The officially licensed NACON Asymmetric Wireless Controller will be available in Europe in the first quarter of 2019 for the suggested retail price of $ 59.99 and can also be used on the PC.

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