Only 2 Days: Catch New Shinys For Pokémon Day

Pokemon Go

Only 2 Days: Catch New Shinys For Pokémon Day

There is another event in Pokémon GO! Not only a special Pokémon awaits you, but four special versions. On February 27, 1996, Pokémon’s first video game was on the shelves. The enthusiasm for the cuddly pocket monsters continues today and inspires both young and old.

“In my youth, the day was celebrated with a Nintendo Pikachu-style bus parked in front of a large mall. Since you could hug the yellow mascot, take pictures and get stickers. My adopted city of Dusseldorf held a small rally for children a few years ago for the Pokémon-Day  . Something is still going on somewhere that day. Cool! “

To celebrate this anniversary, there are some nice extras in Pokémon GO. Niantic has decided to organize a small event. From now until February 28, 2019, at 22:00 clock you can catch a few special Pokémon now. In keeping with the anniversary of the first generation, you will increasingly find Pokémon from the very beginning. As PC-Magazin reports, monsters from the Kanto Region region also appear in raid battles.

To take arenas together, it would be an advantage if your friends are on the same team. Luckily you can change your color in the future. If you want, you can use real money to expand your bag or buy extra items. How much the players spend worldwide, you can see here. That’s how much money the world spends on Pokémon GO.

With Pokémon: Let’s Go! Two Pocket Monsters have come to the fore: Evoli and Pikachu. They are also a real eye-catcher during this event in Pokémon GO, as they appear as an Event Pokémon with Floral Hair Wreath. Think about it: What are the two most annoying Pokémon on the map that almost nobody wants to see or even catch? Right – Taubsi and Rattfratz. However, as they now appear as a dazzling variant, the two pocket monsters should regain popularity.

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