Overwatch – New Hero Baptiste Unveiled


Overwatch – New Hero Baptiste Unveiled

Blizzard today unveiled the next hero in their team shooter ‘Overwatch’, the Baptiste medical and battle expert, with whom proud heroes are now available.

Baptiste is an experienced field paramedic who has made it his mission to build a better world. Sometimes that means a helping hand … sometimes a bullet too. From the official side it also says here:

“Baptiste uses a range of experimental weapons and equipment to keep allies alive and neutralize threats on the battlefield. As a battlefield field medic, he is not only trained to care for wounded, but can also effectively fight opponents. “


  • BIOTIKWERFER – Baptist’s biotope launcher delivers high-precision, low-recoil triple-blasts that cause high damage. As a secondary fire mode, shells can be fired to heal allies near the impact.
  • REGENERATIVE PUSH – Baptiste activates a powerful regenerative boost that heals itself and nearby allies over time.
  • LIFE-MAINTENANCE FIELD – Baptiste uses a generator to create an energy field that prevents fatal damage to allies. The generator is destructible.
  • REINFORCING MATRIX – Baptiste creates a matrix that doubles the damage and healing of allied projectiles as they penetrate the Matrix.
  • JACKETS – Baptiste can jump higher if he squats before the jump.

Even if the new hero will be available, there is still a mystery at the moment.

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