Overwatch Patch Notes: Baptiste Now On The Ptr – This May Be The New Hero


Overwatch Patch Notes: Baptiste Now On The Ptr – This May Be The New Hero

A new patch has added to Overwatch’s (PTR) test server. The new patch brings the new hero Baptiste. Some other changes to many heroes and way damage are done. We look at the patch notes of the PTR and the capabilities of Baptiste.

Who is Baptiste?

Baptiste is a new healer / DPS hybrid that Blizzard recently introduced with a background video. He plays a role as an offensive healer with aggressive abilities. The ability to make his teammates immortal. The patch for Baptiste on the PTR is already live, but for the moment only on the PC to play. However, Baptiste’s appearance has nothing to do with the new map of Paris. As some fans have suggested.

These are the skills of Baptiste in OverwatchThis can Baptiste: His skills are all about a balance between damage and healing, just as it was already the case with Moira and Ana:Biotikwerfer (weapon): The standard attacks of Biotikwerfers fire three shots in quick succession. It is the Biotikwerfer a kind of pulse rifle with 45 shots. With alternate fire mode, Baptiste shoots small healing grenades, of which he may have loaded 10 pieces.

Regenerative Shift:

Heals Baptiste and surrounding allies over a short period of time.Life Support Field (E): Baptiste throws a small generator that creates a field. The field protects all surrounding allies from death. If the generator will be destroyed. Or the time runs out, the field disappears.

Jump jets (passive):

If Baptiste squatted for a short moment, he jumps higher. Reinforcement Matrix (Ultimate Ability, Q): Creates a small field that enhances all projectiles of allies. Every projectile that flies through the matrix causes double damage or double healing. February 26 PTR Patch – The Patch Notes.

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This was changed to the damage:

In addition to the new hero, Baptiste made further changes to Overwatch. Among other things, was screwed on many types of damage. Armor damage only reduces Radiance damage in Overwatch by 20%. Armor also no longer mitigates damage over time effects. Geoff Goodman has already mentioned these changes earlier.

Damage boosts are now calculated when a projectile is fired, not when it arrives. Rebounds are now more consistent and flying characters can be slowed and repelled. PTR Patch buffs some heroes, Ana nuzzles. This has changed to the hero: Many heroes have gotten smaller adjustments. Ana was a bit nerfed and now heals less. Many other heroes got a buff: Doomfist has less cooldown on his abilitiesHanzo can reveal enemies in a larger radius.

Widowmaker can now see life bars with her UltimateMei does more damage with her blaster. But her ice wall has less life Moira now heals more with her standard healing. Soldier: 76 deals more damage, fires faster after a sprint, and his tactical visor. Now targets items like Junkrats Kamikaze Tires. The complete patch notes in English have already been read by the US-side blizztrack.

How do you like Baptiste?

What is your favorite change in the patch notes? So far, the opinion of the fans to Baptiste quite positive, even if it gets slightly ridiculed:

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