Pokémon Go: Why The Next 2 Days Are Important For Shiny Hunters

Pokemon GO

Pokémon Go: Why The Next 2 Days Are Important For Shiny Hunters

In the next 2 days, Shiny hunters should definitely play Pokémon GO. The new event may give you the chance to get 4 new shinies in the wild.

That’s why things are going so well: Niantic has also announced an event in Pokémon GO around the Pokémon Day. In this event, for the first time, there is a chance for Shiny Taubsi and Rattfratz. There are also Evoli and Pikachu with flower arrangements, which may also be Shiny.

You should hurry: The event, in which the Pokémon increasingly occur, starts today at 22 o’clock. But it ends already in 2 days, on the 28th of February. The chance is limited.

We’ll show you all kinds of Shiny’s and tell you how to best search for the dazzling monsters.

Shiny Taubsi and Shiny Rattfratz

What do the Shinys look like? Shiny Taubsi requires a close look, as the Pokémon is only slightly lighter than its normal shape. At Shiny Rattfratz it is a bit clearer. This dazzling shape is significantly paler than the normal Rattfratz.

Therefore, you should catch them now: The event runs only for two days and ends on February 28 at 22 o’clock. After that, Taubsi and Rattfratz will become significantly rarer again. In November, the Taubes was so rare that many coaches demanded more spawns.

Pikachu and Evoli with flower arrangements

We already know that: At the moment Niantic has just announced the two Pokémon with special flower arrangements. They have not said anything about a possible Shiny.

This is how the Shinys look like with flower arrangements.

So probably a Shiny: If you look at previous events with Pikachu and his hats, then it is quite possible that these special Evoli and Pikachu can be found in Shiny.

So there was already a Shiny Pikachu with a witch hat and party hat. A dazzling Pikachu with floral decoration cannot be ruled out. We will see this at the start of the event.

Therefore, you should catch them now: As before, the Pokémon with special headdresses are only limited events to catch. When the event ends on February 28, you will not see the flower decoration Pokémon so quickly. It is therefore advisable to look for these monsters now.

So you have the best chance on Shiny’s

In order to increase your chance at the Shinys, we have some tips for you. They do not guarantee a shiny, but the chance grows by simply clicking on more Pokémon

  1. Visit large Clusterspawns, because there is a chance to hit a potential Shiny.
  2. Make a good route, because it is not worth being in the same place several times in half an hour
  3. Look in the nearby list. If you see several potential Shiny’s on a PokéStop there, deviate from your route and visit the Stop
  4. Makes the shine-check. So click on potential Shinys and if it is not, you can escape again. When catching, you may miss another Pokémon, which can be Shiny
  5. Do not let it get you down because Shiny things are rare in the wild. The probability here is 1 to 450. So, statistically, you have to click on a lot of Pokémon for a Shiny