Sekiro Shadows The Twice Video Series Introduces Bossgegner


Sekiro Shadows The Twice Video Series Introduces Bossgegner

A few weeks before the release of ‘Sekiro Shadows The Twice’ From Software introduces some bosses who are expecting you this time in the hardcore RPG.

Among other things, waiting here for the corrupt monk on you, the Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa, as well as several hidden bosses, as they are known from Dark Souls ago. According to the developer, this is a cornerstone of their own games, so that you include this element again and again. In addition, From Software already offers the prospect that you will bite your teeth again.

It’s not just enemies that are a challenge in Sekiro Shadows The Twice, but the environments themselves will be challenging and even appear as enemies. Again, there are some parallels to previous games.

 Ultimately, all this results in high replay value, in which one can also look forward to several ends that need to be explored. Only one thing is certain, this task will not be easy.

Sekiro Shadows The Twice will be released on March 22, 2019.

Update: Today we continue with Lady Butterfly and the Chained Ogre.

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