That’s What You Need To Know About The Combo System In Anthem


That’s What You Need To Know About The Combo System In Anthem

In Anthem, you can deal massive damage with combos. We’ll explain how the system works around the skills. Combos allow players in Anthem to connect their attacks and skills. With this system, you can unleash all your potential in combat. Depending on your attacks and your javelin, you can eliminate so many opponents in a short time. Or you give a single opponent neatly on the cap.

This article was published on January 25th and updated on February 27th. With the latest news Primer and detonator skills trigger combos. This is how combos in Anthem work:  The combination of two different attacks is a combo. This leads to additional damage and an effect that depends on the Javelin you are playing.

Such combos can be caused either by your team or by yourself. The attacks can be divided into two types:

Primer Skills:  Primers place negative status effects on the target and cause elemental damage. They are marked in the game by a “circle icon” in the skill description.

Detonator Skills:  Detonators trigger the combo effect when they hit an opponent who was previously hit by a primer attack. They are marked by an “exploded” icon in the game. So, If someone in your team is constantly dealing with primer attacks. You can use detonator attacks to make a combo. These combos are one of the most effective ways to deal with high damage.

What is the advantage of combos?

There are also skills that are neither primer nor detonator. Which then do more damage on their own. But who uses combos will ultimately do more damage than someone who uses only normal skills.

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The combo effects of Javelins Depending on which of the 4 Javelins detonates a combo.

  • There are additional bonus effects: the ranger deals damage to a single target.
  • The Colossus inflicts surface damage around the target the Storm transfers.
  • The elemental effect to nearby enemies Interceptor gets a kind of buff aura.
  • Depends on the elemental effect it uses to attack the target.

Enemies around him receive damage and effects from the aura, so you can freeze them for example. Which Javelin is particularly suitable for combos? In principle, each of the four different javelins is suitable. But the Storm-Javelin gives a good example of the different possibilities. This Javelin uses elemental attacks and can unleash freeze, lightning and fire attacks on the enemies. This gives him a wide range of possible combos.

Is there a catch too?

Bosses or larger mobs are much harder to prime with primers and therefore have negative status effects. Since not so easy to achieve combos. Often, a sign needs to be removed or players have to work together in the group to start a combo.

The choice of your elements can be beneficial: In general, elements in Anthem are an important factor. If you choose them wisely, you can easily eliminate enemies with shields and armor. But elements not only have shield and armor effects, but they can also make life difficult for opponents with status effects.

In our guide, we explain how the elements work. How To Look Like A Few Such Combos YouTuber Arekkz shows in this video: Arekkz also goes through the 4 classes and explains which of the skills are primers and which are detonators.

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