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The Ceos Of EA And Activision Earn Three Times As Much As Ninja


The Ceos Of EA And Activision Earn Three Times As Much As Ninja

The two CEOs have made it to an interesting leaderboard. On which list you have landed and with what numbers you find out here.

Activision’s Bobby Kotick and Electronic Arts’ Andrew Wilson are among the top 100 most overpaid CEOs. This list comes from the organization As You Sow, which since 1998 has set itself the task, among other things, to inform about abuses in manager salaries. The two earn three times as much as the streamer Ninja and this already had an annual income of nearly $ 10 million.

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The relation between the salary of the CEOs and their employees also has to do with a three. However, there are still at least two zeros missing. Bobby Kotick earned $ 28,698,375 last year, which is 306 times more than an Activision employee earns on average. After all, that’s enough for place 45. Despite (or perhaps because) hundreds of layoffs in early 2019, he is thus the leader in the video game industry.

EA’s Andrew Wilson was in short supply as the “only” arrives at rank 98. His earnings last year were $ 35,728,764, 371 times more than the average Electronic Arts employee.

That’s what the CEOs of Activision and EA deserve compared to their employees.

The extract of the list shows from left to right: the rank on the list, the company, its CEO, its salary, the surplus that the CEO receives (ie how much money he receives more than the actual revenue of the company), the percentage the shareholders voting for their salary and the ratio of CEO salary to average employee salary.

The gap between CEOs and their employees is enormous. To what extent is a discrepancy in salary comprehensible and from when is it only absurd? Write your opinion in the comment section.
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