The Division 2 Converts Fan Criticism Into Open Beta – Players Are Thrilled

The Division 2

The Division 2 Converts Fan Criticism Into Open Beta – Players Are Thrilled

For the Open Beta, The Division 2 a lot of problems from the previous test phases are resolved – much to the delight of many fans.

For the open beta phase, the beta client of The Division 2 has now received a massive update.

Although the changes cannot yet be tried live, Ubisoft has now released the appropriate patch notes. They have it all in and let the fans cheer.

We summarized all information about the Open Beta in our HUB.

Patch notes for the open beta update

What’s so special about these changes? The list of changes is enormous. What the fans particularly enjoy is the fact that the adjustments include virtually all the essential criticisms of the players from the past test phases.

Immediately striking: The developers have listened carefully and implemented the feedback of the fans over a large area. In addition to technical aspects such as server stability and performance, the focus was on bugfixes and balance.

As part of the Open Beta, players will have the opportunity to get their own idea of the changes from March 1st.

We have summarized some highlights for you before:

More ammunition for special weapons: Among the biggest criticisms during the private beta was the low amount of ammunition for the individual weapons of the three specializations.

These could hardly be used – even for a special weapon that was just too rare, so the feedback from the fans. For the open beta, one has now increased the drop rate for this ammunition.

Weapon Mods Revision: Weapon mods such as attachments, magazines, or visor devices not only add bonuses to certain attributes in The Division 2, they also have negative effects on some stats.

In the eyes of many fans, the disadvantages often had a stronger weighting than the advantages. Some mods were hardly worthwhile or even counterproductive. This criticism has not escaped Massive. Therefore, one ensures that the benefits are always greater than the associated disadvantages.

Adjustments with opponents: Especially with the balance of the opponent types and bosses there was a lot of criticism and suggestions for improvement. So the fans disturbed among other things:

  • disproportionate life for some bosses and opponent types
  • too strong armor or weapons on some bosses and enemy types
  • partly too strong skills
  • too high precision, especially when using grenade launchers. Even from far away you were hit with it like a sniper, even in cover
  • too strong skills with no apparent cooldowns. Especially the spamming of remote-controlled bombing and suicide drones robbed numerous fans of the last nerve

All these issues and many other balance balancing issues have been overhauled for the Open Beta.

Player Skill Adjustments: Some skills, such as the turret or the viewfinder mine, have been somewhat unbalanced in their behavior, so many players.

Again, the developers have put their hands and bring numerous improvements. Amongst other things:

  • The flight and follow-up behavior of the drone has been improved
  • The Turret Sniper Mod now does extra damage on head hits
  • Improvements in aiming the turret
  • Improved Wayfinder Mine Pathfinding
  • Increased speed and lower probability of finding the Airburst Mod of the viewfinder mine

Countless bug fixes: The update is also massive against bugs that have been discovered and reported by the fans during the previous test phases. The list of fixed issues is huge and basically includes all currently known issues areas of the game.

From technical problems to general gameplay and the various game modes (PvP, Dark Zones ) to the user interface and localization, there were large-scale improvements and optimizations.

For a complete list of massive changes to the Open Beta, check out The Division 2 – all changes since the Private Beta

The fans say: The joy on Reddit and other forums is great. Hardly anyone has expected such an extent with this update. Many are thrilled to see how strong and at what pace Massive struggles even before the launch of The Division 2.

In particular, they are pleased that the developers have apparently learned from their initial mistakes of The Division 1.

Now you consistently pursue the philosophy with which you have also managed in The Division 1, the rudder still around and put a successful game on its feet. Namely hand in hand with the community to screw on the game and adapt it to the wishes of the players.

So it goes on: Massive and Ubisoft emphasizes that the game is still actively developed and therefore with further updates and changes are expected to the official launch on 15 March.

It will continue to listen closely to the feedback from the fans and consistently implement it in the game – before and after release.

By the way, it’s now known what content the year pass for The Division 2 will provide.

Stay Tuned For More Updates