This Website Lets You Look Behind The Scenes Of Video Game Worlds

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This Website Lets You Look Behind The Scenes Of Video Game Worlds

Ever wanted to look around quietly in Dark Souls without ever being afraid to go around the corner and die? Or did you never have the opportunity to take a close look at the game world at Mario Kart? This website lets you look behind the scenes.

The site Noclip.the website gives you the opportunity to float through video game worlds and look around there. It includes levels from Dark Souls, Splatoon, Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey. You can move freely in the worlds and look at new perspectives.

You will exit the field of vision planned by developers

And see where the textures stop and how a world can put together. Ever wanted to know what the skyline of a game really looks like? The website shows you the boundaries of the game worlds.

The website operator explains on Twitter how to navigate the map. Use the WASD keys to move forward, backward and to the sides. With the keys Q and E, it goes up and down and the movement speed can be changed via the mouse wheel. For screenshots or videos, the HUD can be hidden with Y.

In some worlds, you can change the time of day or hide and show different texture levels. The website invites you to experiment and is constantly being expanded by the operator. You have to check it out in a while to see which new game worlds can now be freely explored.

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