Wow: Lfr “Battle Of Dazar’alor Part 3” Is Here – How To Defeat Jaina!


Wow: Lfr “Battle Of Dazar’alor Part 3” Is Here – How To Defeat Jaina!

The last wing of the Battle of Dazar’alor in World of Warcraft has been opened. We’ll tell you how to defeat the last bosses and Jaina Proudmoore.

With the end of today’s maintenance (27.02.2019) the last wing of the current raid in World of Warcraft is open. In the third part of the battle of Dazar’alor , you will experience the final of the raid and thus the last fights in which the Horde of the Alliance continues. It also comes to the showdown against Lady Jaina Proudmoore. We’ll tell you how to survive the last battles in the LFR and make thick booty.

A mini guide for Mekkadrill, Stormwall Blockade, and Jaina Proudmoore

After King Rastakhan dies, the horde relents the fleeing alliance and tries to thwart the escape across the harbor. All players experience this part of the raid from the Horde’s point of view. Players of the Alliance have to talk to an NPC and experience the whole thing as a “Flashback” scene.

High Tinker Mekkadrill: In the fight against Mekkadrill, it’s all about defeating the add-ons and landing surface attacks well, so few players are hit. When you shrunk, climb into the bots and press the color codes that players call you. If you have a Gigavolt charge, run behind one of the four pillars and break the line of sight to other players, so they will not be harmed.

Otherwise, keep away from the influence of the little bots. These trigger a surface effect every few seconds but move very slowly.

Storm Wall Blockade: The raid is divided into two groups, each fighting one of the two bosses. On the ships, it is necessary to avoid surface attacks. For this, you have to be almost constantly in motion. If you are the victim of “Tempting Song”, position yourself as far away as possible from the siren. All players should attack the siren as soon as it appears, otherwise, it kills a player immediately by luring him into the water.

If both bosses are defeated on the ships, the right fight begins. Again, you have to avoid surface attacks. If you get used to howling storms, then run through the puddles of frozen water to remove them and clean the battlefield.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: The fight against Lady Jaina Proudmoore is the final boss and thus a bit crisp, even in LFR mode. A detailed look at the dungeon journal can be worthwhile. As a rough guide, however, you should consider the following:

  • Save your allies when they are frozen. Every player is needed.
  • Fires the ballists as enemy ships approach.
  • Burning explosive barrels you have to throw off the board quickly, otherwise, they cause high damage

In the later stages, you have to “stay warm”, otherwise you will freeze to death. Take a brief look at the various fire effects to remove the negative frost stacks.

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