Your Toy – Horror Escape Room Game Has Appeared

Your Toy

Your Toy – Horror Escape Room Game Has Appeared

The horror Escape Room game ‘Your Toy’ is now available for PlayStation 4

In the PlayStation Store, as developer Viva Games announces. Your Toy states:

“Do you remember all the toys from your childhood? Do you remember what happened to them? Where are you now? Even though they were once best friends, now they are your worst nightmare!

“Your Toy is a 3D horror room escape game that uses an advanced, non-repetitive puzzle system. With challenging puzzles, heartbreaking escape sequences. And a mysterious narrative immersed deep in your darkest subconscious mind. Players experience a fully immersive 3D environment in which the realistic art style. Which creates an eerie and intoxicating atmosphere.

When you wake up in the dark, you are trapped in a long-forgotten place. Cryptic messages, one after the other, entice you deeper into the abyss. Is Often a fascinating unknown and the feeling that someone is watching you from the other side. Trapped between your own memory and a false dream, a forgotten victim returns, but now the game time is reversed. Who is the toy now?

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