Apex Legends: Leak Shows All The Abilities Of The New Legend Octane

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Apex Legends: Leak Shows All The Abilities Of The New Legend Octane

The next playable legend of Apex Legends has been leaked. Apparently, Octane is waiting for us. His abilities, however, are different than originally thought.

What can Octane do? According to leaked files, the next hero will be Octane, already known from previous leaks. His kit consists of the following three skills:

  • “Swift Mend” (passive): Octane heals over time as long as he does not take damage.
  • “Adrenaline Junkie” (tactical): Octane moves 30% faster for 6 seconds. This costs 10% of his life. Octane cannot be slowed down during this time.
  • “Launch Pad” (Ultimate): Octane sets up a jump platform that hurls players through the air.

The Adrenaline Junkie ability is the Stimpak known from previous leaks. Unlike previously thought, it does provide a speed boost at the expense of health instead of treating or banning either yourself or your ally.

Where does the leak come from?

The image with Octane and his skills was shown on reddit . Here the user Mirage has posted without more detailed information the picture above.

How safe is the leak? The picture is probably from an Instagram page that has not been noticed yet for confirmed leaks in the larger frame. However, the picture appeared earlier on Reddit under this account and the fans doubt it a bit.

When is Octane coming? A release date has not yet been mentioned. But it is likely that Octane will become the next legend if the picture is real. He would probably appear at the start of the first season of Apex Legends in March.

That’s what the community says about Octane

The leak is already being discussed on Reddit. The focus is on more Octanes skills than the legitimacy of the leaks. Most fans already consider Octane’s skills strong.

30% movement speed in combat is no joke. That will be strong and something that Wraith can not do.

His ability to make himself faster at the expense of life should be compensated for by his passive ability to skillfully avoid bullets. The players compare that to Bangalore, who moves faster when she’s hit by her abilities.

The voices generally go from “OP” to “too weak.” There is also talk and jokes about his hitbox, which has recently been discussed. Most players are just looking forward to a new legend.

What do you think of Octane?

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