Do You Already Know This Secret Medal In Anthem?


Do You Already Know This Secret Medal In Anthem?

Depending on your playing style, you can earn medals at the end of a mission in Anthem

. In addition to the four known medals soldier, artillery, executioner and sage, there is probably a fifth medal: General Tarsis. What is special about this medal and how do you get it?What do style-of-style medals actually mean? Depending on your performance in the course of a mission, a fortress, or during free play, you will unlock exploits that will determine which medal you will receive at the end.

The following style medals are known: Soldier – To unlock the soldier, you have to kill elite enemies and hit weak pointsArtillery – Use as many instruments as possible from your arsenal to unlock the artilleryExecutioner – Kill legendary enemies and use your ultimate abilitySage – Help other players, harvest resources, open treasure boxes, and collect objects in the world.

Is there still a fifth medal? Contributions to Reddit show that there is probably a fifth medal: General Tarsis. Helena Tarsis was a general and leader of the Legion of Dawn and is considered a legend in the game world. To unlock this medal, you must have done a damn lot right in a mission.

How to get the General Tarsis Medal? Although the exact circumstances for receiving the medal are not yet clear, the General Tarsis Medal may well be obtained by taking all the exploits available in the game for gold. This means that you must complete no less than 15 heroic achievements as part of a mission and at the gold level.

A lengthy endeavor, which will probably not be possible in normal missions. In free play, however, you can do whatever you want and have unlimited time. Here you can earn all the heroic deeds relatively stress-free in order to unlock the General-Tarsis-Medal.

What brings this rare medal? Probably nothing. It only indicates what your heroic deeds have been and how many experience points you have earned. See it as a challenge to get the rarest medal in the game.

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