Ninja Reveals How Fortnite Tied The Creators And Streamers With 3 Skins


Ninja Reveals How Fortnite Tied The Creators And Streamers With 3 Skins

The twitch star Tyler “Ninja” Blevins gives an insight into the backgrounds on Twitch and YouTube. He explains how Epic makes sure that creators stay with Fortnite. With 3 special skins, the influencers earned a fortune.

That’s how Epic ties content creator to Fortnite: Ultimately, it’s about money. The interesting thing is that the money does not come through “direct payments”, such as prize money for tournaments, sponsors and advertising contracts.

Epic has found ways to indirectly engage the creators and streamer in Fortnite’s success by ensuring that the “content creators” are “paid” by the fans.

With over 3 special skins and special deals, Epic made sure that the biggest content creators in Fortnite get a huge piece of the cake.

The two skin packages on Twitch made Ninja rich

That was the big hit: The big prank of Epic already took place in March and May 2018. At that time, Epic Games partnered with mail order company Amazon and its Twitch streaming platform.

Players who made a Prime subscription on Amazon, for example, were able to send a streamer a subscription and thus money on Twitch.

The incredible power of Fortnite to influence players

Ninja says

“It was two consecutive months that Fortnite Twitch had Prime Skins. The power of Fortnite to get people to make things for cosmetic items is incredible. I got 230,000 subscribers in the two months. “

How much money does Ninja bring a subscriber? A subscriber is worth at least $ 4.99 a month. Ninja gets at least half of it, rather more – depending on what percentage he has negotiated with Twitch.

250,000 subscribers would be worth over $ 500,000 a month. With the deal going on for several months, Ninja alone has made these twitch prime deals millionaires.

The money was taken by Ninja as Fortnite players signed up to receive two Fortnite skin packages: The 1st and 2nd Fortnite Twitch Primepack. This skin package also included a “subscription” to Twitch that players could freely distribute.

They then donated this “free” subscription worth $ 5 to their favorite content creator. Ninja profited greatly from this:

A little heart skin makes Creators happy

That was strong recently: As Ninja goes on to explain, a recent Epic action was “worth the gold” for him. Epic had already introduced the “Support-a-creator” program back in October.

Players can then name a “Creator” in the game, and they receive 5% of the money the player spends at V-Bucks in the Fortnite Shop. But for a long time that did not play a big role, only recently this program lifted off properly.

Ninja says

“One incredible thing that Epic Games did for Creators was that the Support a Creator code gives players a free skin. I have no idea if Epic will continue to do this. I’m just saying, I’m close to three million. That was the moment they released a free support a-creator skin. “

What was that skin? Epic had promised players a free paint job in early February if they support a creator. Apparently, this was another rain of money for the creators like Ninja.

That’s why this is important: Ninja and many other streamers had last bothered with Epic because the Season 7 were perceived as weak: Things like the Boombox or the aircraft distracted from the actual gameplay and watered it in the eyes of streamers.

The new Brite Blimp Glider joins the Sunshine & Rainbow Gear in the Item Shop, along with the Bushido Gear!

The German content creator MontanaBlack regularly shares its creator code

But as you can see here, it’s worth staying with Fortnite for streamer and creator because they can monetize the game’s community more extensively, through the detours Epic has cleverly incorporated.

However, Apex Legends also knows these tricks. Recently, they offered a Twitch Prime package with a new skin.

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