Oops! Pokémon Go Spawned Relaxo In Nests – Players Cleaned Up

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Oops! Pokémon Go Spawned Relaxo In Nests – Players Cleaned Up

Normally, Relaxo and Lapras are rare in the wilderness of Pokémon GO, but by mistake, these monsters could be found in nests around the world.

So the mistake came: Yesterday at 22 o’clock the event started around the Pokémon Day. This also changed the nests. Pokémon of the 1st generation came then more often in nests.

But apparently Niantic made a mistake and rare Pokémon like Relaxo or further developments like Blitza got their own nests. This spawned these Pokémon everywhere in parks and were easy to catch.

What are nests? Nests can be found in almost every park or green area. There then appears a species of Pokémon very often. Make Pokémon but get no nests. These include enhancements and rare Pokémon such as Larvitar, Relaxo or Dratini.

These Pokémon were affected

Which Pokémon spawned in nests? Not every monster was affected by this mistake. However, the following Pokémon were found in nests:

Have you ever caught so many relaxo in a row?
  • Relaxo
  • lapras
  • Aerodactyl
  • Aquana
  • Blitza
  • Flareon

How the players found out: Many coaches were amazed when they had several rare Pokémon on the nearby list at the start of the event. On Reddit they shared their findings and it turned out that such nests occurred around the world.

These are highlights: It is especially amusing when a Pokémon like Relaxo is abuzz in one place. That’s what happened to zeflind, as he pointed out on Reddit:

Evol development is very rare in the wild. It’s even funnier if you have 4 Aquana nearby:

Although it is only a small nest, but also Aerodactyl occurred in nests:

How long did the whole thing go? The whole fun did not last very long. Only in about an hour could lucky players exploit these nests. Niantic made the mistake and let other Pokémon spawn in the parks.

Were you affected too? Have you found such a nest?

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