Sky Offer: Sky Q And Netflix For 19.99 Euros Per Month


All series and movies in one package with Sky Q and Netflix. The latest offering from Sky offers just that from 19.99 euros per month.

Series and film fans get a new offer from Sky. With this, you get access to series and films from Sky and Netflix. You have the choice between different subscription packages from Sky.

All include at least Entertainment Plus with Netflix and the Sky Q Receiver. Existing Netflix customers can easily take their account with them.

Sky Q with Entertainment Plus: If you especially want to watch TV shows and fewer movies, this package might be enough for you. With Entertainment Plus you get access to all series of Sky including in-house productions. Also, this includes Netflix in HD, which you can watch on up to two devices at the same time. The entire package is available for 19.99 euros per month.

Sky Q Entertainment Plus with Sky Cinema: You’ll get more than just series in combination with Sky Cinema. With this package from Sky, you can see the latest blockbusters shortly after the cinema. Altogether there are only five euros more per month and thus for 24.99 euros.

A price without increase: If you do not plan to use the packages after 12 months and are satisfied with the content, you can consider whether you use the price security.

You pay for Sky Q Entertainment Plus including Netflix and Sky Cinema 29.99 euros. In return, the price does not increase after 12 months and no timely notice is required. From the 13th month, you can cancel the package than even monthly.

Sky Sport with Sky Q and Netflix: The full program of Sky you can secure yourself in the offer also cheaper. You are currently receiving Sky Q Entertainment Plus, Netflix, Sky Cinema, Sky Bundesliga and Sky Sport for € 39.99 per month. Sky Sport from this year again with Formula 1.