The Division 2 Finally Clarifies The Question: Do You Have To Buy A Large Warehouse?

The Division 2

The Division 2 Finally Clarifies The Question: Do You Have To Buy A Large Warehouse?

For months, the agents puzzle whether you can buy more storage space in The Division 2 with an expensive edition over 100 euros. Massive now clarifies.

That’s what the question is in the room: When in August 2018, all contents of the various editions of The Division 2 were revealed, the Ultimate Edition surprised with special bonus content. Because it includes the “Elite Agent Package”, in which, among other things of additional storage space is mentioned:

The Ultimate Edition costs 109.99 Euro whopping 50 Euro more than the Standard Edition and 10 Euro more than the Gold Edition, which also contains the Year 1 Pass. Otherwise, there is this elite agent package only in the Phoenix Shield Edition but beats at around 240 euros to book.

The agents are discussing this: Now the agents have been puzzling for months whether the expensive Ultimate Edition will become a must-buy if you do not want to struggle with storage space shortages. How many additional storage bins do you get with it? How big is this advantage?

In The Division 1, the too small camp was criticized again and again, which is why this is a sensitive topic in the community.

Ultimate Edition grants early access to a larger inventory

With so many campsites, The Division 2 launches: Most of you will start with 50 campgrounds at the beginning of your Agent journey in DC. With a total of three upgrades you can expand your camp during the game.

The three upgrade levels increase storage capacity by 20, 30 and 50 slots. By playing, you collect SHD tech, which you need to unlock benefits. With SHD-Tech you also activate the stock upgrades.

That’s the maximum storage size: In total, you can earn 150 bins to launch The Division 2. 150 is the maximum for everyone – even for Ultimate Edition owners.

You have this advantage with the Ultimate Edition: The third camp upgrade, which grants you 50 more slots, can only be unlocked in the Endgame from character level 30 onwards. With the Ultimate edition you have this third upgrade from the beginning.

This means that you start the agent journey not with 50, but with 100 storage bins. In addition, Massive emphasizes that the third upgrade is more expensive than most of the benefits, so the Ultimate Edition can save many SHDs and more quickly unlock other benefits.

Do Ultimate Team Owners now have “extra bins”? In the beginning, they have 50 bins more than the other agents. However, all players can earn these 50 bins in the endgame for free. The extra bins are not exclusive to Ultimate Edition owners. All can reach the same maximum.

All storage space extensions come for free

The developers say this to further storage space upgrades: Massive writes that additional storage space capacities are not monetized. If the available stock size limits the gaming experience, as there will be more and more new gear to earn during Year 1, action will be taken. And these will be free for everyone.

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