Developer Says: Diablo Immortal Is Done – but Blizzard Is Silent

Diablo Immortal

Developer Says: Diablo Immortal Is Done – but Blizzard Is Silent

The Chinese development studio Netease announced that it had basically completed the development of the mobile game Diablo Immortal. However, there was still no announcement of a release date. Why not? How far has Diablo Immortal progressed? Blizzard has withheld since the not so successful announcement of the mobile games with information. 

However, the Chinese development studio Netease has now expressed

During a conference call, it was said that the development of Diablo Immortal is basically complete as far as the work of Netease is concerned. There is still room for optimization, but these do not affect a release date. Asked about a launch, the team said that this question had to be addressed to Activision Blizzard.

What exactly does Netease do?

The Chinese studio is in charge of developing the game as the company already has experience with mobile action RPGs. However, Blizzard works too. Netease is basically considered the “team” that implements the game, Blizzard provides ideas, feedback, suggestions for change, etc. What does that mean? Diablo Immortal is basically finished.

Theoretically, it could be published. However, it depends on Blizzard why no launch date has been mentioned yet. It has not even been talked about the start of the beta. What could be the reasons for this? Diablo fans on Reddit already speculate wildly why Blizzard could “hold back” the game.

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Is Blizzard perhaps not quite satisfied yet? Master skills have a somewhat cynical opinion: “Probably they’re planning how to make the most money without angering the fans.”Fans do not really hate Diablo ImmortalWhat is the mood? Blizzard was heavily criticized after Diablo Immortal’s announcement at Blizzcon 2018. It came to a Shitstorm, with which the company had not expected.

However, one notices on Reddit that the trouble is slowing down. In addition, it can be seen that the anger is not really directed against the mobile game, but against the nature of the announcement. There are even many who enjoy Diablo Immortal to be able to play Hack ‘n Slay on their smartphones.

For example, Watersplash-ger said, “I’m so excited, please publish it soon!”Now Blizzard is on the train to announce a release date of Diablo Immortal.

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