Fortnite Introduces the Friend Feature “Group Help” and Players Love It


Fortnite Introduces the Friend Feature “Group Help” and Players Love It

In the new Season 8 of Fortnite, you can now complete challenges with friends. Many players consider this feature as one of the highlights of the new season.

That’s the feature: Anyone who has always had difficulty completing some challenges in Fortnite now has reason to be happy. In Season 8 you can now use the “group help” to solve difficult tasks together.

On Reddit already many players cheer about the new feature because so you can solve each task much easier. We show you some reactions and explain the group help. This is how group help worksYou have to do this: In order for you to be able to solve tasks together with friends, you must activate the group help before starting the round. So then other players from your party can complete the challenges together with you.

Here you can turn on the group help. Source: RedditWhat do I have from it? The weekly challenges in Fortnite are not all easy. More often you have to use a special weapon to eliminate a certain number of enemies. But if you are not good at it and desperate for the task, then you can activate the feature and go hunting with your friends. In twos or threes, it is easier to eliminate your opponents.

Here’s how it works:

If your friend then kills, you’ll also get it credited to the job. In the best case, you do not have to kill yourself and let the task be solved by a friend. You have to pay attention: The group help works only with friends who are already in the party group before the start of the group. If you are thrown together with random teammates, then you can not use the feature.

That’s what the players say about group help On Reddit is palmed over the feature. Finally, players who are not experts can also complete the difficult challenges. You will then have a better chance of winning the bonus star or the bonus banner at the end of the assignment.

Playing with friends is even better now. Players cheer: So asks “givemesuck” other players:Can we all take a moment and thank Epic for the group help? This is a great feature that nobody knew it wanted! His thread gets a lot of encouragement. Over 2000 users shared the same opinion. Another player even writes: “This was probably the best addition to the season.”

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