Fortnite: Player Celebrates New Driftboard, Builds Spectacular Skate Park


Fortnite: Player Celebrates New Driftboard, Builds Spectacular Skate Park

The drift board is well received by many players in Fortnite. Some are even so happy that they build skate terrain and do stunts there for the better. But also basketball friends get their money.

What is the drift board? This is a new means of transport from patch 7.40 in Fortnite: Battle Royale. While riding the board, you can use weapons and items. The boards are spread all over the map.

However, the boards only stay in Fortnite for a few days. A few players are already making the most of it and showing cool stunts.

A skatepark in Fortnite: On Reddit, a player presented his artwork. With the construction function of Fortnite, he designed large ramps and jumps as well as half-pipes. The parts he placed as a kind of huge skate park in Retail Row.

In the video, you see the player Saves_II, as you perform cool stunts on the self-built parkour. On Reddit, the video gets a lot of encouragement. There is much praise for the Fortnite course, which was not even built in creative mode.

Basketball tricks on the drift board: Instead of “just” doing classic skateboard tricks with the board, others use the board for official basketball trick shots. The video shared users iBolts on Reddit.

How many attempts did he need? In the comments on Reddit, some users wonder how many tries the player probably needed. User iBolts writes that he had to reset the lobby a few times because the tires were accidentally destroyed. He estimates that he needed between 8 and 12 attempts for this elegant litter.

11 million stunt points with the board: A curious video shows the user BrotherSaqib who is suddenly thrown with his board extremely high after a touch with another player in the air. He used the flight time to easily get 11 million stunt points.

Easiest 11million points ever hit from FortNiteBR

What experiences did you have with the driftboard?

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