Is the Draft Mode in Fifa 19 Fut Really Worth It?


Is the Draft Mode in Fifa 19 Fut Really Worth It?

FIFA 19 draft mode is popular with many players but costs coins and does not promise the best rewards. So how much does a draft really pay?

This is the FUT Draft: For the first time, the draft mode was playable in FIFA 16. You can also participate in FIFA 19 at the Draft for the payment of 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points.

This is how the draft works: The principle has not changed since its introduction. All in all, you have to play four games. Who loses is out. The more wins (maximum 4) one creates, the better bonuses there are.

At the beginning of a round, you may choose a formation that you can not change afterward.

At the beginning of each round, there are five different formations to choose from

Now you have to select a captain for your team from five suggestions. After that, you will be offered five players for each position, from which you may choose one each. Here it is important to find the right balance between chemistry and rating.

If you want profit, you have to win

These rewards are there: Depending on how far you come, you can get different rewards. So, if you lose the first game directly, you may only get sets whose shop prices are worth about 15,000 coins. So about three gold packs.

If you win all four draft games, the rewards look really exciting. Here are some of the best packs in FIFA 19 to win. But even these do not necessarily bring a profit. You get the complete setup in our review of draft rewards.

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Depending on the success you get better rewards

When is the draft mode worthwhile? The principle is logical – whoever wins gets better rewards. But like most players, you’ll find that even after four wins, you do not necessarily attract a top player who promises the big coin blessing.

This can be extremely frustrating due to the fairly high game fee of 15,000 coins. After all, as is so often the case here, it all depends on the pack-luck – because there are only packs to win. The rewards are not even fixed with certainty – you can get packs with completely different values at the same reward level.

The Draft Rewards in Numbers: FIFA’s FIFA team has created a database on how average Draft Rewards are. It quickly becomes clear: who plays Draft to fill up his Coins account, is relatively certainly disappointed. The minimum profit you can get out is, on average, almost always in the negative range.

Source: Fifauteam

So, your lowest profit in the worst reward loss is zero wins at -11,200 coins, and even at best, zero wins only at -8,200 coins. A loss compared to the 15,000 coins paid is therefore very likely.

Of course, you can also be lucky and draw a top-class player from a gold pack. The likelihood is very low. And even at the following levels, the minimum profit rate does not look good.

No guaranteed profit: On average, a reliable minimum profit of 1,150 coins has only occurred from four wins.

Source: Fifauteam

Of course, that does not mean that you can not make a profit on the previous levels. Nevertheless, you should not expect the draft to end up with a big win.

On average, fifauteam calculations showed a minimum profit of -6,900 coins per draft round.

Losses are much more likely in the draft than the big profit. Nevertheless, Draft is played a lot – why?

Despite losses: Draft is fun!

That’s why players like the Draft mode: Draft mode is still very popular with many players and has several reasons.

On the one hand, it offers the opportunity to finally play a team with super players, for whom one has no money in the regular FUT everyday life. Finally, selection screens such as the following are not uncommon:

In the draft, you can play with many top players

Finally, try top teams: In addition to standard cards of absolute top stars, you can also play with event players such as Prime Icon Moments Maradona or Future Star Foden. These cards are hardly affordable on the transfer market – in Draft you can try out such players.

If you are lucky, at the end of the selection session you can look forward to a team with a total value of 90 and chemistry of 100. Such a team can hardly be reached in normal mode for normal players in FIFA 19:
Top teams are not uncommon in the draft

Players like thrills: In addition, the thrill of building the team is also well received by the players. The player choice is a kind of short-term-pack-opening and promises excitement.

Added to this is the tournament character of the Draft mode: No other FUT mode currently offers a comparable KO system. It is damn hard to win four consecutive victories – which makes it particularly appealing.

Ronaldo, of course, increases the chances of a draft victory

That’s what the community would want: in the FIFA Subreddit there is a lot of discussion about draft mode. Many still like to play the game but have some desire to improve.

Apart from the fact that you want better rewards, you want, for example:

  • A guaranteed draft token if you win four games. With the draft token, you can directly play a draft round again.
  • Weekly goals that bring a draft token
  • A reduction in the draft price
  • A kind of friendship draft without rewards that is playable for free

“We just want to play”: It’s clear: It is not necessarily about the rewards, even if they would like to be better. The players like the draft principle, as evidenced by the fact that tools like the draft simulator by FUTBIN are popular.

The problem is the high price of a new round draft – most of them want a way to play for less money or by not accidentally winning draft tokens.

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